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ComfortAir HVAC Software

ComfortAir HVAC Software

ComfortAir HVAC software is designed to be used by engineers, architects, contractors and energy auditors to calculate and analyse heating and air conditioning loads in all types of buildings. Input and output units can be set independently to English or Metric units. The program contains ...

Demo  1,580k 2240 Baltik Engineering Limited

Energy Saving

Why is the bill so high? Is the meter working properly? Why have we used so much gas, fuel and oil this year? This program allows you to record the consumption of electricity, water, gas and heating oil. Thus you can identify the cause of higher ...

Shareware  5,233k 953 AB-Tools.com


Sometimes all you need is a break. Busy life, hectic online environment with piles of unanswered emails, a dozen of buddies on ICQ asking at the same time 'Got a minute to chat?' and yet work to do too. Get a cup of tea or, ...

Shareware  3,696k 1565 TERMINAL Studio

RC-Thermostat ActiveX

This ActiveX control allows a programmer to send commands and receive status information to the RC-Series Thermostat. A programmer can set the mode of operation, fan mode, heating and cooling setpoints, and program mode with just a few lines of code. Also, status information such ...

Shareware  1,963k 695 Wire UP Tech00
MITCalc - Worm Gear Calculation

MITCalc - Worm Gear Calculation

Geometric design and strength check of worm gear. Application is developed in MS Excel, is multi-language and supports Imperial and Metric units and solves the following main tasks: - Calculation of gearing dimensions. - Automatic transmission design with minimum input requirements. - Design for safety ...

Shareware  2,018k 1832 MITCalc


Recovers RAM leaks from poorly behaved applications and increases available RAM for applications,Games and the operating system. Optimize windows cache, tweak windows and Reduce cpu heat. Memdefrag has Automatically configuration and easy usage. When using MemDefrag, you will notice that you will have more free ...

Shareware  610k 482 MCGSoftwares

SOS - Load Calculator

Performs electrical calculations for residential services. Includes Lighting & small appliance loads, raanges & ovens, A/C Heating, water heater - dryer - dishwasher - etc. Optional service calulations. Based on the 2005 NEC.

Freeware  252k 2717 Simplified Office Software


EnCalcOL calculates how much heating oil is left based on depth readings. It also predicts how long the remaining oil will last. Designed to work with both rectangular and cylindrical tanks. The results can be saved to log files. There is a history log file ...

Freeware  468k 470 JSutils


AllOff is a computer activity and shutdown utility which monitors mouse, keyboard and download activity plus CPU load and starts shutdown if there has been no activity for the set times. It also supports fixed activation and shutdown initiation times plus a variable delay before ...

Freeware  601k 668 JSutils

CPU Heater

This simple tool does exactly what it says: heating the CPU. It uses a selected mix of integer and floating-point instructions to keep the execution units busy.

Freeware  7k 584 webs.uolsinectis.com.ar

Open Source HVAC/R

Project to develop a set of open source tool to help people working in the HVAC/R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) area.

Freeware  5k 436 hvacr.sourceforge.net


PellettiMies (PelletGuy in english) is a software to log and follow electric bills and the use and price of wood pellet. Designed to be use in homes/houses with wood pellet stoves and wood pellet heating.

Freeware  93k 143 pellettimies.sourceforge.net


Wmsensormon is a doc app for WindowMaker that utilizes lm_sensors to monitor CPU temp, sys temp, fan speeds, and cpu voltage. It offers configurable warnings for over heating, and the sensors displayed are adjustible by the user with command line param

Freeware  26k 155 wmsensormon.sourceforge.net

Arduino Solar Controller

An Arduino based Solar Controller, for controling a water heating solar panel. Both the software and hardware designs for the controller and also notes on the solar panel.

Freeware  35,448k 473 arduinosolarcon.sourceforge.net


JavaGlider is a port of an older Mac game, Glider. The premise is simple: a paper airplane rides the air current from heating ducts through a house, dodging seemingly innocent objects (that are deadly to gliders) like candles, tables, and paper copters.

Freeware  202k 985 jglider.sourceforge.net


Software designed for the service technician working in the Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation industries. Also usefull for plumbers, and electricians. Does billing, call and customer management. Is designed to be laptop use or server based.

Freeware  816k 1085 ourworldservices.com
Loadcalc 2014 Panel Schedule

Loadcalc 2014 Panel Schedule

Loadcalc 2014 performs panel schedules and service and feeder load calculations for commercial occupancies and single family dwellings. It also prints panelboard directories in two sizes (4x6 inch and 6x8 inch) for inside the panelboard doors or covers. The 2014 National Electrical Code is fully ...

Demo  24,456k 340 NEC Design Software
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